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Welcome to Usakava. We strive to become the best source of quality, noble kava and kava extracts. Speak to a kava root specialist in the USA, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality kava products worldwide. We ship from the USA to anywhere in the USA, Canada, and many other countries.

A quick overview of our products

Quality Kava, Kava Extracts and More

Buy superior quality kava, kava extracts in the USA. Our kava products are manufactured and shipped from a GMP facility and are FDA compliant. We test every batch of kava using HPLC for quality assurance and consistency. We have certified noble kava, which has passed strict regulations, from Vanuatu, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands. We make sure that our products meet and surpass our customers' expectations. Please e-mail or call us if you want us to perform tests on your kava.

Fresh, Vacuum-Sealed, Noble Kava

The Best Kava is Vacuum Sealed for ultimate freshness
Vacuum-sealed for freshness
Explore All Kava Products

Explore our different kava root products from around the world. We only supply noble kava. We have noble kava root products that are from Vanuatu. To ensure that Vanuatu withholds its reputation of having the best kava production globally, the government only allows noble kava for export. We sometimes have roots from select regions, but our main sellers come from Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, and Fiji. Come back often to see our discoveries.

Kava - Vanuatu

Even though we ensure that all our kava tests out noble, Vanuatu prides on the quality of their harvests, only permitting the noble kava for export around the world.

Only the Best:

Traditional sun-dried

Most of the kava on the market is sun-dried.

  1. Traditional 70% basal - 30% lateral
  2. Taboo 50% basal - 50% lateral
  3. 100% basal
  4. 100% lateral

Premium dehydrated kava

Our dehydrated kava stands out from most kava powders by using a unique drying process that conserves the freshness and quality of each harvested root. Dehydrated kava is a must-have top-shelf ingredient for any kava bar that wants to distinguish itself from the rest.

  1. Ceremonial Kava 70% basal - 30% lateral
  2. Black Label Kava 50% basal - 50% lateral
  3. Premium 100% Basal
  4. Premium 100% Lateral

Micronized kava
  1. Traditional Vanuatu Micronized Kava
  2. 100% Lateral Vanuatu Micronized Kava
  3. 100% Basal Vanuatu Micronized Kava
  4. Ceremonial Micronized Kava
  5. Black Label Micronized Kava
  6. Taboo Micronized Kava
Instant kava

Kava - Solomon Islands

We supply the popular Solomon Gold, Solomon Kastom, Solomon Chief, Solomon Headhunter, Solomon Basal root, and Solomon Islands Lateral roots. Learn more about Solomon Islands Kava here

Kava - Fiji

We also sell kava from Fiji. These Fiji kava powders compare to our Vanuatu kava, which means only the best kava quality is selected. We offer Fiji 100% Waka lateral roots. Buy Fiji Kava here

Kava Extract

Our specialty:

We supply the best kava extract available in the world. How can we be so bold about this? We have the tests to prove it, and we have tested other extracts worldwide with disappointing results. The results are a real shame, with most being below 5% kavalactones which is less than half of the raw root. We take our kava extracts seriously and offer the best solution for anyone developing dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Buy 30% Kava Extract
True 30% CO2 Kava Extract Powder
Learn more about 30% CO2 kava extract
Buy 70% Kava Extract
True CO2 70% Kava Extract Paste
Learn more about our 70% kava extract

Micronized Kava

p>Micronized kava is the easy solution when you are looking for a quick and no strain solution.

How Our Micronized Kava is Different:

  1. Fresh: We will micronize your order at the time it is placed, ensuring ultimate freshness.
  2. Vacuum Sealed: All our kava powders, including the freshly micronized ones, will be vacuum sealed to preserve the freshness for as long as possible.
  3. Variety: We can micronize any Kava root powder that we have so that you can offer greater choice to your customers.
  4. Custom Blends: We can custom blend any root powders together so that you can offer a unique signature blend.

Learn more about micronized kava

Instant Kava - Micronized Dehydrated Kava Tea

This product goes through a special process that is as close to traditional kava without all the preparation. It begins with the kava root undergoing the same preparation method as a traditional bowl of kava. This process removes the wood fibers, and the remaining liquid is dehydrated and micronized. Available types:

  1. Instant Solomon Islands Chief
  2. Instant Premium Vanuatu Kava
  3. Instant Ceremonial Vanuatu Kava

Instant Kava - liquid Concentrates

Liquid Instant Kava for Kava Drink Recipe
Instant Kava Liquid by the Gallon With Pump

This is a mix of instant kava complimented with a subtle touch of botanical extracts (valerian, damiana, and ashwagandha), and tasty flavors, all blended into a sugar-free liquid concentrate.

Instant kava liquids are a breakthrough for any kava bar:

Instant Kava Benefits:

  • Sugar-Free: Sweet but without the calories.
  • Effortless: No mixing, simply serve 1oz at a time. (Easy pump included)
  • Consistency: Create standardized recipes that never disappoint and consistent from server to server.
  • Loyal Returning Customers:Standardization is the key to loyal customers, and instant kava liquids are one way to reach that goal.
  • Bio-Availability: These instant kava liquids are a special blend of kavalactones that we emulsify for increased absorption and easy digestion.
  • Great Introduction: While the connaisseurs say kava is an acquired taste, our instant kava liquids come in 4 tasty flavors that appeal to anyone.


  1. Tropical
  2. Berry
  3. Caramel
  4. Mocha

Learn More About Instant Kava Liquid

Kava Shots

Our CelebrationZen kava shots come in a 2oz format and make it convenient for traveling or as a kava bar or take-home item. It does not need to be refrigerated and makes a great countertop item for any convenience store available in tropical flavor. These kava shots are 100% natural, contain 0 sugar, and have two servings per bottle.

CelebrationZen Kava Shot - Tropical Kava Shot
More kavalactones per oz - CelebrationZen Kava Shot 2 oz
Learn more about this kava shot

Kava Gummies

Like kava shots, kava gummies offer you an authentic experience without all the work of preparing traditional kava.

Kava Wholesale

We can supply you with large volumes on special request. Whether you need 20kg, 500kg, or more, we will ensure you receive the highest quality, lab-tested, noble kava root.

Kava - Private Labeling

If you are looking at branding your products, we can help you with your supply chain while you focus on selling your products.

Kava Lab Testing

All our kava products are tested for quality

  1. Kavalactones
  2. Chemotypes
  3. Bacterial Testing
  4. Fungal and Yeast Counts
  5. Heavy Metals

True Kava Enthusiasts

Kava kava is our passion, and we love to discover new sources and always have new finds. Come back often to see what we have discovered for you. Please read our terms and conditions; you must be 18 years old to buy any of our raw materials.

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We accept Credit Cards, Paypal(e-mail us) bank transfer, and international money transfers. Order online or by phone.


We accept Credit Cards, Paypal (email us), E-transfers, and COD. Order online or by phone.

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