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Best-Selling Kava Strains From Vanuatu

Our Best-Selling Kava Root Powders - Vanuatu

Ceremonial Vanuatu Kava

Our Ceremonial has been around the country and is a sure have for any kava bar. Its made up of 70 percent basal root and 30 percent lateral root. In our opinion, this is one of the best kava available in Vanuatu.

Black Label Kava

This is our ultimate treat yourself kava. It is the only kiln-dried kava we offer, which means that the root did not get affected by sunlight and cured fast, leaving you with a close to green fresh kava feel. Black label kava is a 50 percent basal root and 50 percent lateral root mix.

Taboo Vanuatu Kava

Why is it called taboo? Maybe because it will make you feel like you discovered something special that you don't want to share and keep secret to yourself. Taboo Kava is our best go-to kava for those unsure whether to choose the ceremonial or black label. Its cured and dried the same way as the ceremonial but is a 50 percent basal and 50 percent lateral root mix like the Black label kava.

Our Best Vanuatu Micronized Instant Kava Tea

If you haven't already done so, please check out the short article about instant kava and the difference between instant kava versus micronized kava and everything else you need to know. It is important to get informed before you buy as there is a big difference between instant and micronized.

Instant Green - Instant Favorite

This is our definite favorite instant kava. Why? It's clean and as fresh as it gets. Instant green kava takes time to create and uses the green, fresh black label kava root. After harvesting, they clean the kava root, tediously remove the skin, traditionally brew in many batches, filter, and then dehydrate. Unique and authentic, you say? We think so too!

Micronized Instant Micro Ceremonial

This is our other instant kava from Vanuatu. It is made with the same favorite ceremonial bar grade raw kava. It requires the same love and tender as the green instant, which means taking the time to prepare traditionally, filter to remove the fibers, and dehydrated.

Our Best Kava Extract Picks

This is a more difficult choice to make since extracts are made from kava from different regions and different islands and often blended. Our extracts are made from the roots only and are of noble quality. In general, we would say that if you are ready to treat yourself or your customers to the best kava extracts, go with a CO2 extract. If you are looking for more in-depth information, you can find valuable information in our Kava Extracts - Buyer's Guide.