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Best Kava Bar Strains - Wholesale

Not All Kava is Created Equal

Even with the control of kava exports from Vanuatu, not all kava root that passes inspections is the same. There is still an opportunity for distributors in the USA that sell kava to create a competitive advantage. People are looking for the highest quality and will pay the extra price to acquire it. Once they have found a quality product, they will not want to go to the mainstream product offered by most kava vendors.

How to Stand Out From the Ocean of Competition?

Our unmatched high quality, consistency, and customer service are the three main ways that we stand out from our competition. The best kava is not the one you paid the best price for, its the one that successfully shares its cultural history, one that talks to you profoundly, creating an unforgettable moment to remember.

Important Kava Bar Secrets

A kava bar doesn't just sell kava to sell another product. A successful kava bar knows their clients are buying an experience, an experience they will carry with them, and share with friends and family. Trust is the source of a loyal customer, and we can't emphasize enough on how important it is that your source of kava is clean, safe, and tested for quality.

Do You Already Have a Successful Kava Bar or Storefront?

We have a few hidden gems that will compliment your existing business and help boost your sales. Feel free to contact us so we can make sure you're not missing out on anything.

Wholesale Kava Pricing

Please email us now and ask for your wholesale account and let us help push your business in the right direction. In one sentence, tell us about your business, and we will do the best we can to help you. We will also provide you with your wholesale discount.

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