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About Us

About Usakava and our kava products

Welcome to Usakava. Here are a few reasons to buy your kava products from us:

  1. Research quality, every batch is quality tested
  2. Products are sent from our USA GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) facility
  3. Our Kava is tested to ensure it is Noble.
  4. FDA Compliant
  5. Over 20 years of experience in the Kava industry
  6. Professionalism.
  7. Unmatched caring customer service.

  8. Our Kava is Different

    Usakava specializes in Kava kava root and Kava Extracts. We offer a wide variety of Kava root powder from different regions and from the best Kava growers and suppliers we could find:

    • Vanuatu
    • Fiji
    • The Solomon Islands
    • Other regions

    • Our Services

      We offer specialized services like private labeling and custom micronizing of raw powders. We export worldwide where permitted.

      Research and Development

      We supply our clients with research-quality kava products from the best suppliers we could find worldwide. We welcome researchers and developers from around the world to help us discover more useful scientific information about kava for the rest of the kava and scientific communities.

      Guaranteed the Best Quality

      We offer you the highest possible quality kava every time. Bacterial testing and heavy metals testing are performed on every batch, and we have a sophisticated system to trace each lot from the source to the end-user.

      Wholesale Solutions

      We can help you scale your business by giving you the quantities that you need at the best possible price. We will import, and test every batch to ensure you know that you are always getting the best, cleanest, and most potent kava ingredients you can get.

      Free Consultation

      If you made it to here, your already wasting time. Create an account today, and speak to our knowledgeable kava specialists about your specific needs to make sure you are on your way in the right direction.


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Buy Kava kava in the USA

Buy Kava kava in the USA