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Instant Kava Tea

  • Instant Kava Tea - How is it Different Than Micronized Kava?
  • What is Instant Kava Tea?
  • Instant Micronized vs. Micronized Kava
  • What is Instant Green Kava?
  • What Are The Advantages?
  • What Are The Disadvantages?
  • Kava Recipes using Instant Micronized
  • Instant Kava Tea - How is it Different Than Micronized Kava?

    What is the difference between instant kava tea and micronized kava?

    Kava tea has grown in popularity in part due to the kava bars that serve it traditionally. While traditionally preparing kava is the ideal way to consume kava, some people don't have the time to prepare kava this way, and there exists a simpler and quicker way of enjoying kava known as instant kava.

    What is Instant Kava Tea?

    Instant kava is different than micronized kava root, and as a buyer, it is important to know the differences. Micronized kava is the whole kava kava root ground up to the finest powder. Instant kava starts out the traditional way by making a huge batch of kava tea using simply cold water. The liquid is filtered and dehydrated. Once dry, it is pulverized into a micron-sized powder. This makes for a more concentrated product since the kava root fibers have been removed.

    Instant Micronized vs. Micronized Kava

    Instant is different from micronized kava in a few ways.

    1. More than just powdered root: It's a type of extract, a dehydrated kava tea, while micronized is simply the raw root ground into a fine powder.

    2. More actives: It has a lower cellulose content but higher starch and kavalactone content than micronized kava.

    3. Care: It takes hours of care to make while micronized can be made in minutes.

    4. Higher value: Considering the time and concentration of alkaloids in the final product it will be more expensive than micronized kava.

    5. Feeling bloated?: Instant is easier to digest.

    6. Scarce: It is very rare, and there is a limited supply on the market compared to micronized kava, expecially the instant green.

    What is Instant Green Kava?

    Instant green kava is different than other instants. It is made from 50 percent basal root and 50 percent lateral root from vanuatu. It is made from the fresh root as opposed to the dehydrated or sundried root giving it an extra touch of authenticity.

    What Are The Advantages?

    1. Closer to tradition: As far as extracts go, instant kava comes the closest to traditional kava preparations without all the work.

    2. Simple: You only need water. It has already been mixed with water, pounded and filtered and dehydrated and only needs water to be added again. Coconut water, juice, and other liquids can also be used.

    3. Kava Smoothies - Kava Shakes: Instant kava is often a secret ingredient added to kava smoothies and kava shakes. Its a simple and quick method of adding kava to drink mixes.

    4. Kava Shots: Instant kava is often used as one of the kava ingredients in kava liquid concentrates and kava shots

    What Are The Disadvantages?

    1. Lack of Solubility: While it blends well into Kava smoothies and shakes because those are thick, it will not completely dissolve in water, coconut water or juice. Since it is a mixture of kavalactones, starch, and some cellulose, it will mostly suspend in light liquids. It will need to be shaken to mix properly.

    2. Price: You pay for what you get. Instant kava takes time and care and a larger quantity of raw material to create the final product.

    Kava Recipes using Instant Micronized

    When working with kava, unless making a kava extract, it should not be mixed with alcohol or be added to any alcoholic drink. Kava should be enjoyed on its own. There are many ways to use instant kava. Make sure to check out the recipe section where you'll find from simple to creative and tasty recipes.

    Kava Iced Tea

    While kava is usually enjoyed at room temperature, it can definitely be enjoyed on ice also.

    Kava Shots

    Many people have issues with the time it takes with preparing a traditional shell of kava. Others have issues with the taste of kava. Kava shots are probably your best solution.

    Kava Drink

    A responisble kava drink should not have any alcohol in it.

    Kava Shakes

    Many have said that kava will blend really well with ice cream based shakes, most likely because of the use of emulsifiers in ice cream.

    Kava Smoothies

    There is a big trend of people drinking smoothies for nutrients and vitamins, kava can be added as a supplement.

    Kava Mango Lassi

    Kava will mix well with yogurt based smoothies and will add a touch of the islands to the classic lassi.

    Kava Chai

    Chai has a very pleasant and strong aroma and kava will easily blend with this spice blend.

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