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Explore our different kava root products from around the world. All of our raw kava root supply is tested and considered noble. We have noble kava products that are from Vanuatu, which is the only kava that is legally allowed to be exported. Our main sellers come from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, but we sometimes have kava roots from select regions. Come back often to see our new discoveries.

Vanuatu Kava

Vanuatu prides on their quality of their Kava, only permitting the noble kava to be exported. We have the traditional ceremonial kava, the black label kava, 100% premium dehydrated lateral root, and 100% premium dehydrated basal root. We also have the traditional sundried kava, Vanuatu Taboo 50% Basal and 50% Lateral, sundried 100% lateral roots, and sundried 100% basal root. All our products are sold in the form of powder ranging from fine to extra fine to micronized.

Solomon Islands Kava

We supply the popular Solomon Chief, Solomon Gold, Solomon Headhunter, Solomon Basal root and Solomon Islands Lateral roots

Solomon Islands

Fiji Kava

We also sell kava from Fiji. These Fiji kava powders are very high in quality and noble. Fiji Savusavu “Waka” 100% are the smaller finer roots, also known as lateral roots, where more kavalactone usually resides. The locals will say to mix the laterals with the basal to get the most out of the kava.

Fiji Kava

Papua New Guinea Kava

We offer this special tudei Kava from Papua New Guinea, these are the lateral roots only. This is not everyday noble kava and is reserved for specific situations

PNG Kava

Instant Kava

Please note that our instant kava is not just simply micronized raw powder like most suppliers, but more like a dehydrated kava tea. It is a special method of preparation where the kava root is made into a kava tea by steeping the kava in water and by traditional methods of pounding the root in a filter mesh bag and filtering to remove the root fibers. An extra step is taken to remove the water so that you are left with starch and kavalactones. Available in Solomon Islands Chief Instant Kava, Premium Vanuatu Instant Kava, and Ceremonial Vanuatu Instant Kava

Instant Kava

Micronized Kava

We offer the freshest micronized kava you can get on the market by micronizing your kava root powder when you order it. Note that there is a minimum of 5kg per production run.

Micronized Kava

Kava Extracts

We supply both the CO2 kava extract powder and the CO2 Kava paste. These two kava extracts are the highest grade available. They are Lab tested, FDA and GMP-compliant. These CO2 extracts are the active ingredients that are used to make standardized kava dietary supplements and recipes. The 30% Kava extract is a powder used for encapsulation, dry and liquid recipes. The 70% CO2 Kava Extract is a yellow paste and is the most concentrated kava ingredient that we have. It is often the ingredient of choice for those looking for standardizing recipes that are oil-based, wax-based, glycerine-based, solid, and liquid base. It can be used to make dietary supplements, tinctures, cosmetics, kava extract powders, and much more. Water-based formulations will need emulsifiers. Our 70% is guaranteed 70% but often tests out higher around 80%-85%.

Kava Extract

Instant Kava - liquid Concentrates

This is a mix of instant kava, extracts, a slight touch of botanical extracts from Valerian, Ashwagandha, and Damiana. This is a proprietary blend that can be used alone or mixed with other liquids. Flavors: Tropical, berry, caramel, mocha.

Instant Kava Liquid

Kava Shots

CelebrationZen Relaxing Kava Shots come in a simple and convenient size. They are 60ml in size and small enough to bring on a flight. Available in tropical flavor. Contains 526mg of kavalactone per 60ml shot.

Kava Shots

Kava Gummies

We have a new recipe which is more heat-resistant and with a new Guava flavor. They come prepackaged for reselling. There are 24 gummies per package. Each gummy contains 125mg of kavalactones. 2 gummies = 1 Serving

Please read our terms and conditions, must be 18 years old to buy any of our raw materials.

Kava Gummies

Kava Plants

Do you want to grow your own Kava plant or would like to dropship plants to your customers? Let us take care of that for you. We have a separate plant nursery with kava plants and other special plants available.

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