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After years of experience with extracts, we have limited down to only what you see here. There are many options available online that are not representing their kavalactone minimum percentages correctly and fail to meet our strict requirements. These extracts are made with CO2, are noble, and are FDA and GMP-compliant. These are the only extracts we recommend to create any type of standardized kava product or kava recipe. Whether you are looking to formulate dietary supplements or cosmetics and require a small or large amount, we can guide you in the right direction. We strongly suggest that you contact us. We promise to save you time and money and assist you with your research and development. We carry kava extracts in both a powder and a paste. The 30% CO2 kava extract is in powder form, and the 70% CO2 Kava extract is in a thick paste. The 80% CO2 and 85% CO2 options are available, but please note that this is our 70% which is testing at over 80% on the current batch. We no longer supply the following: 40% kavalactone extract, 60% kavalactone ethanol extract, and 80% kavalactone ethanol extract.

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Buy Kava kava in the USA