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Kava Kava Vanuatu Black label


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Kava Information

1kg - 132$
This kava is grown in a very fertile volcanic soil for 5-6 years before harvesting the roots. Kava Kava Black label powder is one of our favorite kava products from Vanuatu. It has been kiln-dried as opposed to most kava root which is sundried. t is the processed to increase quality by removing 1/5th of the fibers. This kava is certified Noble and has been grown without fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides. Powders are processed with food grade equipment in a food grade facility. We vacuum seal the freshness of our Kava, which greatly protects the potency and aroma. If you see an item out of stock, please contact us so we can notify you of a new shipment. 1kg-100$usd

Kava Lateral and Basal Composition

It is 100 percent Noble composed of 50 percent Lateral roots and 50% Basal roots from Solomon Islands.

What is the difference between basal and lateral roots?

Kava Basal Roots

Basal Roots are part of the main stump of the root system. These tend to be lower in Kavalactones, but make up for it by being higher in Kavain.

Kava Lateral Roots

The lateral roots are the smaller runner roots that grow out of the basal root and are known to be lower in starch and higher in kavalactones.

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What is Vanuatu Noble Kava?

Kava from Vanuatu has been strictly regulated for many years. Only the noble roots are permitted for export. Tudei Kava, which is usually grown under 2 years time is strictly forbidden for export, but some Tudei kava has made its way into the USA market. Suppliers are registered with the FDA. It is important when choosing a kava supplier that they are able to provide you with authentic true noble kava. This needs to go through HPLC testing in order to see the actual composition of the roots by chemotype. We can provide you with the Certificate of analysis of each lot upon request.

GMP and FDA Compliant Facility

State of the art laboratory is used for running HPLC (High-performance liquid Chromotography) tests on every batch that enters the building. We are proud to offer our Kava kava from a facility that is FDA compliant and conforms to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Kava Shipping

We ship kava anywhere in the USA, Canada and other countries. Contact us for an international shipping quote.
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