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Instant Kava

Limited Supply

Buy instant kava in the USA. This product is not the same as our micronized powders and is available in limited supplies. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for pricing on larger quantities.

What is Instant Kava?

Instant kava is a type of water-extracted kava which has been dehydrated and processed into a very fine micronized powder.

Why is instant kava special?

Easier on the Stomach

It has all of the properties of the original kava root, but with the wood fibers removed, which makes it easier to digest than micronized kava.


By unlocking the kavalactones from the wood fibers and micronizing them into the finest powder, instant kava becomes easily absorbed by the body.

Different Types of Instant Kava

Available in Instant kava Solomon Islands Chief, Vanuatu Premium Instant Kava and Vanuatu kava ceremonial. Also, we supply instant kava in a liquid concentrate, which is available by the gallon.


Buy Kava - Finest Quality

Buy Kava kava in the USA

Buy Kava kava in the USA