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70% Kava Extract - CO2 - 10g-25g-50g

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70% Kava Extract in POWDER is a Myth

Let's make it clear to those new to kava extracts: 70% CO2 kava extract is not available in powder, it does not exist in powder at these concentrations. Kava extract that is considered 70% minimum or 70% kava extract standardized will always be in a paste or an oily substance. Anything CO2 kava extract in powder will have been greatly mixed with a drying powder. Kava, when properly extracted to capture the full spectrum of alkaloids is full of oily kavalactones. Oils don't turn into powder without drying powders such as maltodextrin or other inert powders.

Buy Food-grade 70% Kava Extract Made With CO2

Are you looking to buy food grade kava extract? This kava extract is for the formulator looking for the best kava extract to create with.


Extraction Method:

Made with CO2, it's the highest quality kava extract available and considered food grade with 0 solvent residues. CO2 is inert, non toxic, and remains at low temperatures during the evaporation process. This low temperature super critical extraction process will not break down kavalactones as do high temperature ethanol extracts do.



Kava extract color is yellow.


Texture of the kava extract is a granular and it is a semi-solid paste at room temperature.

Water Solubility:

This product is not water-soluble without an emulsifier. We also have the noble 30% CO2 kava extract available that is in powder form and is water-soluble.

Quality Control:

HPLC tested for quality:

  1. Consistent with a minimum of 70%
  2. Passes requirements for heavy metals
  3. Passes requirements for bacteria

It is the best choice for researchers and developers. COA is available with every batch.

70% CO2 kava extract benefits:

  1. Minimum 70% kavalactones (most recent testing at around 85%)
  2. Use and sell as is or create your own products
  3. The #1 solution for creating standardized recipes
  4. Lab tested in the USA using HPLC
  5. GMP compliant
  6. Sophisticated CO2 extraction process
  7. 0 solvent residue
  8. Food grade quality
  9. Noble kavalactone profile
  10. This is the best kava extract
  11. COA available with every batch

This kava extract is the source ingredient of many standardized kava products on the market and is by far the best solution If you are looking to buy kava extract of superior and noble quality.


You can now buy in smaller quantities, anything less than 1kg is considered a sample.


Wholesale Discounts:

Please send us an e-mail to receive your wholesale discount code.

Volume Discounts:

If you need more than 10kg of kava extract, please send us an e-mail for more information about volume discounts.

Learn before you buy kava extracts:

Are you interested in buying kava extracts for product formulation, and you're not sure where to begin? Start by reading our Kava Extract Buyer's Guide to learn more about different types of extracts.

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Buy Kava kava in the USA

Buy Kava kava in the USA